Research Students


Current Postdocs

Jiaying Lin - homepage

BSc(SCUT), PhD(CityU), Postdoc since 2023

Ke Xu - homepage

BSc(DJTU), MSc(DLUT), PhD(DLUT/CityU), Postdoc since 2022

Shuquan Ye - homepage

BSc(SCUT), PhD(CityU), Postdoc since 2023


Current Research Students (in chronological order)

Fang Liu (co-supervised with Gerhard Hancke) - scholar page

BSc(CQUPT), MSc(DLUT), PhD since 2024

Zefan Qu (co-supervised with Gerhard Hancke) - homepage

BSc(DLUT), MSc(Tongji), PhD since 2024

Ziai Zhou

BSc(SDU), MSc(SEU), PhD at Southeast University since 2023

Dong Liang

BSc(SCUT), Joint PhD Scheme (Tongji/CityU) since 2023

Alex Warren (co-supervised with Gary Tam) - homepage

BSc(Swansea U), MSc(CityU), PhD at Swansea University since 2023

Zaiquan Yang (co-supervised with Gerhard Hancke)

BSc(BIT), MSc(BUAA), PhD since 2023

Youjun Zhao

BSc(SYSU), PhD since 2023

Ali Guran (co-supervised with Gary Tam and Xianghua Xie)

BSc(Erciyes U), MSc(Swansea), PhD at Swansea University since 2022

Tianyu Huang - homepage

BSc(HIT), Joint PhD Scheme (HIT/CityU) since 2022

Yiyu Li (co-supervised with Gerhard Hancke) - homepage

BSc(HIT), PhD since 2022

Yuhao Liu - homepage

BSc(ZZU), MSc(DLUT), PhD since 2022

Haoyuan Wang - homepage

BSc(HUST), PhD since 2021

Zhenwei Wang (co-supervised with Gerhard Hancke) - homepage

BSc(Xiamen U), PhD since 2021

Huankang Guan - scholar page

BSc(Wuhan U), PhD since 2020

Yiming Qin

BSc(Shandong U), Joint PhD Scheme (SJTU/CityU) since 2020

Jiayu Sun

BSc(NEU), MEng(U Queensland), Joint PhD Scheme (DLUT/CityU) since 2020

Zheng Dong (co-supervised with Weiwei Xu) - homepage

BSc(CSU), PhD at Zhejiang University since 2019



Graduated/Graduating Research Students (in chronological order)

Lei Zhu - BSc(DLUT), PhD thesis submitted, 2024

Thesis: Designing Effective Attention Mechanisms for Transformers

Zhanghan Ke - BSc(NEU), MSc(CityU), PhD from CityU, 2024

Thesis: Data-Efficient Learning Methods for Image

Xin Tian - BSc(SWJTU), PhD from DLUT/CityU, 2023

Thesis: Human Attention Mechanisms-inspired Learning for Visual Saliency Perception

Jiaying Lin - BSc(SCUT), PhD from CityU, 2023

Thesis: Data-driven Mirror and Glass Detection in the Wild

Current Position: Postdoc at City University of Hong Kong

Xin Tan

Xin Tan - BSc(CQU), PhD from SJTU/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2022

Thesis: Computational Prior-Based Learning for Scene Understanding

Current Position: Associate Professor at East China Normal University (ECNU)

Avishek Siris - BSc(Swansea U), PhD from Swansea University, 2022 (co-supervised with Gary Tam and Xianghua Xie)

Thesis: Delving into human visual attention for saliency detection of real-world images

Ke Xu - BSc(DJTU), MSc(DLUT), PhD from DLUT/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2021

Thesis: Physical Priors Based Representation Learning for Image Enhancement

Current Position: Postdoc at City University of Hong Kong

Xiaotian Qiao - BSc(ZJU), MSc(ZJU), PhD from CityU, 2020

Thesis: Layout Modeling for Image and Graphic Design Understanding

Current Position: Associate Professor at Xidian University

Cherry (Nanxuan) Zhao - BSc(SCUT), PhD from CityU, 2020

Thesis: Computational Perception for Graphic Design and Elements Generation

Current Position: Research Scientist at Adobe Research

Quanlong Zheng - BSc(BUAA), PhD from CityU, 2020

Thesis: Auxiliary Knowledge-based Learning for Visual Saliency, Shadow Detection and Reflection Removal

Xufang Pang - BSc(JMSU), MSc(NNU), PhD from CityU, 2018 (co-supervised with Antoni Chan)

Thesis: Computational Design: Attention-Driven Web Design and Structural Packaging Design

Jianbo Jiao - BSc(SWJTU), MSc(Beijing U), PhD from CityU, 2018 (HKPF Recipient)

Thesis: Joint Reasoning of Synergy Representations for Image and Scene Understanding

Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Birmingham

Xiaodan Zhang - BSc(ZZU), MSc(UCAS), PhD from UCAS/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2018

Thesis: Local Semantic Learning for Image Captioning

Current Position: Beijing University of Technology

Yibing Song - BSc(USTC), MPhil (CityU), PhD from CityU, 2018

Thesis: Data Driven Face Image Editing

Current Position: Senior Research Scientist, Tencent AI Lab

Jiawei Zhang - BSc(USTC), MSc(CAS), PhD from CityU, 2018

Thesis: Image Deblurring and Matting via Deep Learning

Current Position: SenseTime Research

Shao Huang - BSc(Nankai U), PhD from UCAS/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2018

Thesis: The Detection of Saliency, Objectness and Actionness in Media Data

Liangqiong Qu - BSc(CSU), PhD from UCAS/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2018

Thesis: Image Illumination Modeling and Processing

Current Position: Postdoc at Stanford University

Shengfeng He - BSc(MUST), MSc(MUST), PhD from CityU, 2015

Thesis: Object Appearance Modeling and Salient Object Detection for Image Understanding

Current Position: Associate Professor, South China University of Technology, China

Xiaojun Su - BSc(Jilin U), PhD from CityU, 2015

Thesis: Target Acquisition Techniques in Human Computer Interaction

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Ying Cao - BSc(NEU), MSc(NEU), PhD from CityU, 2014 (co-supervised with Antoni Chan)

Thesis: Data-Driven Manga Layout and Composition: Models and Methods

Current Position: Assistant Professor, ShanghaiTech University, China

James (Zhe) Huang - BSc(SYSU), PhD from CityU, 2014

Thesis: Assembly-based 3D Modeling using Discrete Optimization

Current Position: CTO in a startup company

Wenxi Liu - BSc(SZU), PhD from CityU, 2014 (co-supervised with Dinesh Manocha)

Thesis: Acquisition, Simulation and Evaluation of Crowd Motion

Current Position: Associate Professor, Fuzhou University, China

Yunhua Deng - BSc(SYSU), PhD from CityU, 2014

Thesis: Workload and Resource Management in Distributed Virtual Environments

Current Position: Huawei Technologies

Tao Yan - PhD from USTC/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2013

Thesis: Stereo Image and Video Editing (received the National Award for PhD Students (博士研究生国家奖学金) 2013)

Current Position: Associate Professor, Jiangnan University, China

Fan Yang - PhD from Durham University, 2013 (co-supervised with Frederick Li)

Thesis: Learning Path Construction in e-Learning - What to learn and How to learn?

Pengjie Wang - PhD from Zhejiang University, 2012 (co-supervised with Zhigeng Pan)

Thesis: Compression and Retrieval Algorithms in 3D Geometry Processing

Current Position: Professor, Dalian Nationalities University, China

Gary Tam - BEng(HKUST), MPhil(CityU), PhD from Durham University, 2009 

Thesis: Indexing and Retrieval of 3D Articulated Geometry Models
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Swansea University, U.K.

Beta Lam - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2008

Thesis: Martial Arts e-Learning System with Real-Time Weapon Simulation

Gurkan Koldas - Ph.D. from METU, 2008 (co-supervised with Veysi Isler)

Thesis: Efficient Visibility Estimation for Distributed Virtual Urban Environments

Lewis Li - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2007

Thesis: Distributed Synchronization for Collaborative Virtual Environments

Hui Xiao - BSc(Tsinghua U), MPhil from CityU, 2007

Dissertation Title: Dynamic Radiosity on Multi-resolution Models

Meng Wang - BSc(Tsinghua U), MPhil from CityU, 2006 (co-supervised with Baining Guo)

Thesis: Dynamic Shadow Generation

Edmond Ho - BSc(HKBU), MPhil from CityU, 2006 (co-supervised with Taku Komura

Thesis: Real-time Reactive Motion Synthesis
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, U.K.

Gary Cheung - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2006

Thesis: Incremental Rendering of Deformable Trimmed NURBS Surfaces

Oliver Chan - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2006

Thesis: A Collision Detection Framework for Deformable NURBS Surfaces

Ken Chan - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2005

Thesis: Dynamic Sound Rendering for Distributed Virtual Environments

Ivan Leung - BEng(HKUST), MPhil from CityU, 2005 (co-supervised with C.W. Ngo)

Thesis: Polyphonic Song Analysis and Representation for Query by Singing Systems

Ada Wan - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2005

Thesis: Modeling with Panoramic Image Network for Image-based Walkthroughs

Angus Siu - BEng(HKUST), BSc(CityU), PhD from CityU, 2004

Thesis: Modeling and Rendering of Image-based Walkthrough Environments

Gary Tam - BEng(HKUST), MPhil from CityU, 2004 (co-supervised with C.W. Ngo)

Thesis: Matching and Retrieval of 3D Deformable Models

Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Swansea University, U.K.

Beatrice Ng - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2004

Thesis: Multi-server Support for Distributed Virtual Environments

Frederick Ng - BA(PolyU), MPhil from CityU, 2003

Thesis: 3D Modeling Interface for Collaborative Virtual Sculpting

Addison Chan - BEng(HKUST), MPhil from CityU, 2002

Thesis: A Hybrid Motion Prediction Method for Caching and Prefetching in Distributed Virtual Environments

Frederick Li - BA(PolyU), MPhil(PolyU), PhD from CityU, 2001

Thesis: Handling of Deformable Objects in Virtual Reality Applications
Current Position: Associate Professor, Durham University, U.K.

Jimmy Chim - BA(PolyU), MPhil from PolyU, 2001 (co-supervised with H.V. Leong and Antonio Si)

Thesis: Caching and Prefetching in Distributed Virtual Environments

Current Position: CG Supervisor, Cheer Digiart, Taiwan

Danny To - BA(PolyU), MPhil from CityU, 2000

Thesis: Real-Time Multi-resolution Modeling for Distributed Virtual Environments

Sam Lin - BA(PolyU), MPhil from HKU, 1999 (co-supervised with Xiaola Lin)

Thesis: Adaptive Parallel Rendering

Janis Wong

Janis Wong - BA(PolyU), MPhil from PolyU, 1999

Thesis: Virtual 3D Sculpturing

George Fung - BSc(UNSW), MPhil from PolyU, 1998 (co-supervised with James Liu)

Thesis: Signature Verification Based on Fuzzy Feature Theory and Genetic Algorithm

Current Position: Senior Manager, Siemens Healineers, U.S.A.

Frederick Li - BA(PolyU), MPhil from PolyU, 1998

Thesis: Interactive Rendering of Deforming Parametric Surfaces

Kwai-Hung Chan - BSc(U Warwick), MPhil from PolyU, 1997

Thesis: Facial Image Synthesis in Suspect Identification Based on Warping and Morphing Techniques


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