Embarking on a Professional Pathway @ SMU

Pursuing an IS Degree in the Heart of the City

Nestled in the heart of Singapore, SMU is a thriving hub of more than 2046 undergraduate students, 496 master students, and 139 doctoral scholars in Information Systems. Beyond its state-of-the-art urban setting, SMU’s School of Computing and Information stands out for its intense focus on practical skill application in research and teaching.

The Guiding Principle

Aligning with the industry’s current needs, the university believes in the power of adaptability in our rapidly changing technological era. The ethos of “Learn to Learn” is deeply ingrained here, reflected by numerous research projects and active student participation in global tier-1 conferences each year. Despite its robust commitment to academic research, the school also emphasizes Business Domain Skills, ensuring students are well-rounded industry contributors. Additionally, an internship through the Work-Study Programme is strongly encouraged.

Scholarship and Support Opportunities

The school maintains a robust network with the Singapore government and public organizations to offer multiple scholarships such as the MITB Scholarship, ASEAN scholarships, and Merit scholarships (subject to quotas). The institution also offers comprehensive support mechanisms, particularly for graduate students, who can become Teaching Assistants and Lecturers for undergraduates during their fifth and sixth years of study. This scheme reinforces the university’s commitment to enhancing students’ teaching soft skills.

Diversity and Global Opportunities

Interestingly, less than half the student population is from Singapore, providing a diverse campus atmosphere. Students are encouraged to pursue overseas studies, including double degrees, semester exchanges, and summer school with partner universities, including globally renowned institutions like MIT.

An Array of Choices

SMU offers a range of innovative paths to cater to real-world needs. For instance, the BSc in Computing & Law empowers students to engage in tech and AI debates/ethical developments, preparing them for future industry challenges. The accelerated Bachelor-Master programme, targeting entrepreneurs, enables students to earn both degrees in as quickly as four and a half years.

Post Graduation Prospects

We learned that due to the supportive ecosystem of the school, 50% of students opt to remain in academia, becoming professional university personnel worldwide. The remaining 50% move directly into industry roles, with many joining big companies, such as Singapore’s leading financial institutions.

Admission Process

For graduate studies, candidates undergo interviews with professors and take standardized exams to assess their potential. As the university uses English as the medium of instruction, non-native English speakers are required to provide IELTS or TOEFL scores if English wasn’t the medium of instruction in their previous studies.