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  • 參賽語言:SQL語言
  • 參賽對象:HKSC主要面向全香港中學生的編程比賽
  • 比賽形式:個人賽
  • 比賽規則:採用在线提交
  • 每道題提交之後都有反饋,可以看到“通過”、“錯誤”、等等結果,每道題不限制提交次數,如果提交錯誤沒有任何懲罰, 僅以最後一次提交為準。比賽過程中不可以看到實時排名,按照總得分來排名


  • Supported Languages:
    Each submitted source program must be written in SQL.
  • Participants:
    A contestant is a student who:
    • was enrolled in a school at a level not higher than secondary education in Hong Kong.
  • Competition mode:
    Individual competition
  • Regulations:
    The contest is using a online judge system.
  • There are several tasks in the daily competition. The contestants need to pass all test cases of one question to obtain the corresponding marks. There is no limit to the number of submissions for each task and no penalty for multiple submissions. Only the last submission of each task counts towards the grade. For every submission, the grading system reports the score as well as the feedback. The feedback includes the test case number and one of the following reasons:
    1. Correct Answer
    2. Wrong Answer
    During the contest, the contestants can not access the standings or see the real-time ranking.