The Claude Shannon Centenary, 2016 in Hong Kong is a series of events that mark the life and legacy of Claude Shannon who was a visionary pioneer in the fields of computing, information theory, communications and machine intelligence. We are sponsored by


Happy Shannon Day at Computer Science Lab, City University of Hong Kong on 30 April at CS Challenge Workshop

Shannon Award Lecturer Alex Holevo's Seminar at Room B6605 Academic 1, City University of Hong Kong on 6 May 6:30PM. Poster

Shannon Centenary Workshop at the Institute of Network Coding at Room 1009 William MW Mong Building, Chinese University of Hong Kong on 19 May 1:30PM-6:10PM. Program

Computer Science Challenge K-12 (upper primary/secondary) contest on 21 May at Amphitheater of City University of Hong Kong. Poster

Video about Claude Shannon