The Video Technology Research Centre is directed by Prof. Sam Kwong at Department of Computer Science in City University of Hong Kong, and is investigating various inter-disciplinary research topics related to multimedia applications. Currently, our major research topics are as follows:

  • Video coding:  Rate control optimization, rate distortion and bit allocation optimization, low-complexity video coding
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning: active learning, semi-supervised learning, sparse coding and related applications
  • Computational intelligence: multiobjective evolutionary algorithm


Latest News:

  • [20/01/2017] Congratulations! Our recent paper “NSSRF: global network similarity search with subgraph signatures and its applications” has been accepted to Bioinformatics. 
  • [07/01/2017] Congratulations! Our recent paper “Adaptive Two-level Matching-Based Selection for Decomposition Multi-objective Optimization” has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation.