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PageASN: A Dynamic Barrier-based Approach to Confirmation of Deadlocks from Warnings for Large-Scale Multithreaded Programs me01 year 29 weeks ago
PagePreemptive Regression Testing of Workflow-based Web Services me02 years 18 weeks ago
PageA Subsumption Hierarchy of Test Case Prioritization for Composite Services me02 years 19 weeks ago
PageTeaching me02 years 19 weeks ago
PageExtending the Theoretical Fault Localization Effectiveness Hierarchy with Empirical Results at Different Code Abstraction Levels me02 years 35 weeks ago
PageAdaptive random test case prioritization me02 years 35 weeks ago
PageConLock: A Constraint-based Approach to Dynamic Checking on Deadlocks in Multithreaded Programs me02 years 35 weeks ago
PageIs XML-based test case prioritization for validating WS-BPEL evolution effective in both average and adverse scenarios? me02 years 35 weeks ago
PageCARISMA: a Context-sensitive Approach to Race-condition sample-Instance Selection for Multithreaded Applications me03 years 8 weeks ago
PageImproving the Effectiveness of Testing Pervasive Software via Context Diversity me03 years 8 weeks ago
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PageFYP me03 years 17 weeks ago
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PageXML-Manipulating Test Case Prioritization for XML-Manipulating Services me03 years 45 weeks ago
PageMagiclock: Scalable Detection of Potential Deadlocks in Large-Scale Multithreaded Programs me03 years 51 weeks ago
PageTest Pair Selection for Test Case Prioritization in Regression Testing for WS-BPEL Programs me04 years 3 weeks ago
PagePrioritizing Test Cases for Regression Testing of Location-Based Services: Metrics, Techniques and Case Study me04 years 3 weeks ago
PageLock Trace Reduction for Multithreaded Programs me04 years 14 weeks ago
PageThe Symposium on Engineering Test Harness me04 years 33 weeks ago
PageWhich Compiler Optimization Options Should I Use for Detecting Data Races in Multithreaded Programs? me04 years 34 weeks ago

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