Our Research Group
Some basic tools implemented by our research groups. These tools are provided as they are. Please bear your own risks when using them. I start asking my students to place their tools here.

  • C++ implementation of the FastTrack algorithm to detect data races in muliththreaded programs [download]
  • Races detected on PARSEC and four real-world applications [download]


  • moss. It is a good software to help me in teaching programming courses. [tool][usage]
  • word cloud (wordcram)


  • Common Weakness Enumeration [webpage]

E-Commerce Tool

  • Typical MVC: Model (build with MySQL), View (build with Bootstrap), Controller (build with Laravel, Symfony, etc, too many, try checking out by searching popular PHP framework)
  • More basics: MySQL as database, HTML5/CCS3/jQuery, PHP, AJAX
  • JS framework: AngularJS
  • open-source e-Commerce platform: Magento 

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