Summary of Design Use Cases

In the OOD Report, we should present an overall picture of design use cases to be presented.
Suppose that we have a table, say Table 2, which aims to show the mapping between individual OOA use cases and their corresponding OOD use cases. We have a few cases to consider:

(1) Normally, the descripton of an OOA use case is the same as the description of its corresponding OOD use case in the same row.

(2) Sometimes, the purpose of a design use case is to prsent one particular aspect of the corresponding OOA use case. In this case, we need to clarify its purpose in Table 2 by providing a more accuracy descrption for the design use case.

(3) When we have a new design use case, then we may simply state that it is "new" in the table.

Because of the presence of  item (2) or (3), we use this summary (Table 2) to present the overall changes to the readers.

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