Sample Division of Labor to Complete OOA

The following lists give some examples to manage the project for this phase effectively. Note that in a project, we need to budget the amount of time to be spent on each activity.  Also, the team leader should ensure no member with heavy budgeted load.

  1. For each use case to be expanded into use case specifications in Section 2, assign 1-2 members and budget no more than 4 hours to complete Table 4, Table 5, and the corresponding paragraphs (in draft) in Section 2.3 and Section 2.4. Each sub-team should also fill their entries in Table 3.
  2. Assign one team member to oversee the three use case specifications carefully to ensure their consistency.
  3. Assign 1-2 members to be responsible to draft the use case model on paper, and assign one member to be responsible to draw all use case diagrams, and his partner to write the corresponding paragraphs in Section 2.2, fill in Table 1 and Table 2.
  4. For each sub-team that is responsible to produce a use case specification in Section 2.3, assign one member to complete Table 6. Assign 1-2 members to consolidate all entries in Table 6 so that Table 6 shows the list of potential objects for the three use cases.  
  5. The member who consolidates the entries in Table 6 (the item 4 above) explains the purpose of the identified objects to the three use case specification sub-teams.
  6. Each use case specification sub-team sketches their parts of class diagrams (Figure 2) and discusses with the member specified in Item 5 for consistency. Each subteam should then write down the corresponding paragraphs in Section 3.3. The member specified in Item 5 checks whether the paragraphs are "okay".
  7. Fill Section 4 by individual team members.
  8. Write the introduction by the member who knows the OOA report most.
  9. Clear the language problem appeared in the OOA report before submission.

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