RFID middleware benchmarking

Abstract:This working paper presents our initial efforts to develop a benchmarking methodology for RFID middleware. In the paper, we conduct a context analysis to help focus the benchmarking on the right middleware features and metrics. Pairwise based workload generation is proposed to minimize the efforts and optimize the usefulness of the workload generated. A value driven benchmarking analysis framework with various patterns defined makes the benchmarking results comparable on either workload, RFID middleware capability, or the value the RFID Middleware has toward the value net.
Grants:NSFC 60533110, NGFR 2006CB303000
Citation:Zongwei Luo, Ed Wong, S.C. Cheung, Lionel M. Ni and W.K. Chan, "RFID middleware benchmarking," in Proceedings of the 3rd RFID Academic Convocation in conjunction with the China International RFID Technology Development Conference & Exposition, Shanghai, China, Oct 26-28 (2006).
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