I am working on two directions, namely (1) system-wide composition, testing and analysis techniques, and (2) green computing.
I has no longer maintained the list on my website. 

Good news

  • Our web service testing paper is featured as the spotlight article of the IEEE Transactiosn on Services Computing Sep/Oct 2015 issue.


  • Some tools implemented by our research group. 

Old stuff
My core research area is software analysis and testing, and I plan to go deeper into the programming system side in the coming few years. In terms of application areas, I mainly study service-based systems, pervasive computing applications, and concurrent systems. Here is a list of selected sub-topic that I am currently exploring, and, for each topic, I just list out some recent publications to ease you to follow my work.

  1. Concurrency Bug Detection [ISSTA'12, ICSE'12, ISSRE'11, ICSE'10, FSE'08, FSE'07, FSE'06, ICSE'06]
  2. Testing of Context-aware Programs [TOSEM10, QSIC'10, ASE'09, ICSE’08, FSE'08, ICDCS'08]
  3. Testing and Analysis of Service-Oriented Programs [COMPSAC'12, JSS'11, ICWS'10, WWW'09, TSE'09, FSE'09, ICSE'08]
  4. Fault Localization in Programs [SPE12, JSS11, IST09, FSE’09, ICSE’09]
  5. Cloud Computing [APSCC’09, APSCC’08]
  6. Program Testing by Diversificaiton and Randomization [ASE'09, SQJ'08]
  7. Service Selection [SOSE'10, ICWS’08]
  8. Integration of Testing and Debugging [IST'12, QSIC'11, IWPDC'10]
  9. Energy Saving [JSS'11]

I like to understand the underlying reasons on why a model works. My next move is to explore the following topics:

  • Bug Detection in Concurrent Systems
  • Energy and Green IT
  • SE/PL issues in Cloud Computing 

The application domains are:

  • Services computing
  • Self-adaptive systems
  • Cyber physical system
  • Typical concurrent software and systems
  • Large components 

You may check out the publications through the following links.
Research Publication by Types:

My Research Students (and Their Achivements) :
(in alphabetical order)
Current PhD Students

  • Mei, Xiupei (CityU, 2015-present)
  • Pobee, Ernest Bota (CityU, 2015-present) [HKPFS awardee]
  • Ashra, Imran (CityU, 2017-present)
  • Ma, Xiaoxue (CityU, 2017-present)


  • Jialin Yang (CityU, PhD, 2018) main supervisor. topic: Hybrid race detection
  • Yang, Chunbai (CityU, PhD, 2017) main supervisor. topic: Path profiling
  • Wu, Shangru (CityU, PhD, 2016) main supervisor. topic: detection of atomicity violations
    • First job. Research Engineer at ASTRI
  • Kan, Ying Yeung Edward (HKU, PhD, 2016)* co-supervisor. topic: Green software execution 
    • First job. Research Engineer at ASTRI
  • Jia, Changjiang (CityU, PhD, 2015) main supervisor: topic: Multithreaded service regression testing
    • First job. Engineer at a Beijing research institute
  • Cai, Yan (CityU, PhD, 2014) main supervisor. topic: Deadlock detection.
    • First job: Associate Research Professor at State Key Lab of Computer Science,  Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Zhai, Ke (HKU, PhD, 2013)* co-supervisor. topic: Distribution-based bug detection
    • First job: Technologist at Goldman Sachs
  • Mei, Lijun (HKU, PhD, 2011)* co-supervisor. topic: Service-oriented testing.
    • First job: Staff Researcher at IBM China Research Lab
  • Zhang, Zhenyu (HKU, PhD, 2010)* co-supervisor. topic: Fault localization.
    • First job: Assistant Research Professor at State Key Lab of Computer Science,  Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Informal Co-Supervision:

  • Wang, Huai (HKU, PhD, 2013) topic: Testing through Context Diversity
  • Jiang, Bo (HKU, PhD, 2011)  topic: Integration of regression testing and fault localization.
    • First job: Assistant Professor at School of Computer Science and Engineering, Beihang University.
  • Lu, Heng (HKU, PhD, 2008)  topic: Testing of context-aware software
    • First job: Analyst Programmer at Macquaire Bank (investiment bank unit) 

* Co-supervised with Prof T.H. Tse
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