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PhD Advices:

  • H.T. Kung.

Good English Guides:

Big Data in and for software engineering:

Software tool:

  • StyleWriter is a tool that helps you to write papers in plain English.

Online Mathematics for Software Engineering Students:

Collections of Good Papers:

Collections of Software Engineering Research Advice:

Popular Software Subject Programs and Framework and Tools for Validation of Ideas

  • DaCapo: a collection of Java programs, originally developed for performance evaluation.
  • SIR: a collection of C and Java programs.
  • pintool (for C/C++ dynamic instrumentation)
  • ASM (for Java dynamic instrumentation)
  • LLVM (for C/C++ compiler techniques investigation)
  • PARSEC: a collection of multithreaded programs written in C/C++.
  • RoadRunner: a tool that we use for data race research for Java programs. 
  • WALA: for anlaysis on Java programs.
  • PiTest: A mutation testing tool for Java programs 
  • muJava: A mutation testing tool for Java programs

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Blockchain Technology
I start learning the blockchain technology and the programming systems for course teaching and research. This section summarizes the key articles I read.

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