This page contains necessary information for students new to Master of Electronic Commerce programe (MSEC) of City University of Hong Kong.
 Official MSEC website:


Major Events

  • New student orientation: An evening of a week day in the week before Week 1 of Semester A. [slides]
  • Semester A: Usually start at the last Monday of August.
  • Add-drop period end: Monay of Week 2 of each semster.
  • Election of class representation in September or October of each academic year. Email your (sefl-)nomitation to Zoe Chan at Results will be annoncued in late October or early November to all MSEC students.


  • CS system accounts:If you have problem to access to the system, please contact the CS Lab for assistance.
  • Credit transfer:
  • If you cannot drop or add a course that you believe you are eligble to enrol, use Paper Add/Drops: . Please note that you may need to submit a paper add drop form for adding the courses with pre-requisite requirements.  You may submit the signed add drop form, together with supporting documents (e.g. copy of transcript and course syllabus for the pre-requisite course), to our department by email: or drop it to our mailbox no.50 which located outside our general office Y6302, AC1.


  • Each course means about 1 FULL DAY of study load in a regular semester. 
  • For part-time students, estimate the number of FULL DAYs you may allocate to study. Do not overcommit. If you take 2 courses per semester, then you can complete in 2 to 2.5 years.
  • For full-time students, a typical number of courses taken per regular semester is 5.  If you take part-time jobs, then you should also consider the number of FULL DAYs you can allocate to your study.  

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