Fault-based testing of database application programs with conceptual data model

Abstract:Database application programs typically contain program units that use SQL statements to manipulate records in database instances. Testing the correctness of data manipulation by these programs is challenging. When a tester provides a database instance to test such a program, the program unit may output faulty SQL statements and, hence, manipulate inappropriate database records. Nonetheless, these failures may only be revealed in very specific database instances.
This paper proposes to integrate SQL statements and the conceptual data models of an application for faultbased testing. It proposes a set of mutation operators based on the standard types of constraint used in the enhanced entity-relationship model. These operators are semantic in nature. This semantic information guides the construction of affected attributes and join conditions of mutants. The usefulness of our proposal is illustrated by an example in which a missing-record fault is revealed.
Grants:HKUST 6187/02E
Citation:W. K. Chan, S. C. Cheung, and T. H. Tse, "Fault-based testing of database application programs with conceptual data model," in Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Conference on Quality Software (QSIC 2005), pages 187-198, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, California (2005). 
Remarks:[Acceptance rate: 28.5%, 37 out of 130]
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