A community-centric model for service publication, discovery, selection, binding, and maintenance

Abstract:Services discovery, selection, composition, verification, and adaptation are important in service-oriented computing. Existing researches often study techniques to maximize the benefits of individual services. However, following the power laws, a small fraction of quality services offers their executions to support a significant portion of all service requests. We argue that locating and maintaining such a small and significant set of services is important to the development of service-oriented computing. In this paper, we propose the notion of adaptive service-oriented community. A community consists of peer-reviewed services, and only those operations of member services that the community collectively exceeds a significance threshold are discoverable and bondable. Services also select such communities to bind to its requested operations primarily based on their significance. Our proposal essentially raises a service ecosystem from pursuing the benefits of individual services to that of the community as a whole. Our model also has features to make a namespace or a web service privacy-aware.
Grants:GRF 123207, GRF 717308, CityU 7002464, NHTRDPC 2007AA01Z145
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