I am interested in applying advanced software engineering techniques to projects or evaluate whether a software engineering technique is useful.  You may choose your own application in your interested area.
Selected current and historical FYPs and MSc Projects under my supervision or co-supervision.
FYP (blockchain technology) --- employ them!

  • KIM, Seonggyeom:  Document Authentication System using Blockchain Technology (18CS022), 2018
  • CHUI, Tsz Him:  Permissioned Blockchain Application on Professional Profiles (18CS025), 2018
  • WONG, Man Fai:  Design of Intelligent Blockchain-based Online Encyclopaedia Application (18CS031), 2018
  • TSUI, Ka Kin:  A Blockchain application for Accreditation of Academic Qualifications (18CS052), 2018
  • GAO, Ziliu:  A Blockchain Implemented Fast P2P Instant Messaging Application (18CS054), 2018
  • WANG, Kwan Ching:  Novel BlockChain Application(Drug Regulation) (18CS084), 2018
  • VIANA, Jason:  Novel BlockChain Application(Drug Regulation) (18CS111), 2018


  • Wong Chun Kit. AppDIY: A C2C App Building Framework, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Leung, Chu Hei. Library Searching System using NFC, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • So, Ching Hong. JS Framework and Tools, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chan, Kwun Pan. Augmented Reality Mobile Application: Fighting Role Play Game, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • AnalyStock: A Stock Anayzing Tool to Figure Out Some Trends, 2014-205, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Ng, Cheuk Yin, Apper: An Android Application to Download Apps out-of Google Play Directly, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Law, Chak Yuen, GameSwapper: A Web-Based Application for Game Exchange Service by Using Ontology, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Yip, Chun Kit. Mobile Game: Boxing, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chui, Hin Wah. Code Sketching with JavaScript, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Lam, Ka Leong. Web Animation Framework using HTML5, JavaScript and CCS, 2014-2015, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Tsui, To. RegressionMaple: Regression Coverage of Concurrent Testing on Validating Bug-Fixing, 2013-2014, BSCCS, CityU. [Received the best FYP poster presentation award, and a merit award from the Student Project Competition 2014 (FYP Category) organized by IEEE (Hong Kong) Computational Intelligence Chapter]
  • Long, Shaoyuan. Implementing a Real-Time Decentralized Collaborative Editor Using PhP, overseas FYP scheme, 2013-2014, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chung, Tsz Kin. TestSimple: Unified Testing Approach, 2013-2014, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Wong, King Yu. VCS Version Notifyer, 2013-2014, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Lee, Man Wa. Automatic Concurrent Java Program Tester, 2012-2013, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chan, Tsz Sau. A Web-based System for Locating Top-K Similar Records using MapReduce, 2012-2013, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chin, Ho Yin. Web-based IDE with Real-time Collaborative Editing, 2011-2012, BSCCS, CityU.  
  • Li, Yick Sau Winson. An Approach to Adaptive Execution Outsourcing in JavaScript Web Applications, 2011-2012, BSCCS, CityU. [Received the Outstanding Student Paper Award]
  • Ng, Sing Yi. Social Context Augmentation in Recognizing Faces (SCARF), 2011-2012, BSCCS, CityU 
  • Poon, Chun Ki, and Lui, Ka Lung. Sea.Pollution, 2010-2011, BSCCM, CityU.
  • Li, Wing Suet. Automatic Recovery of Faulty Web Services, 2010-2011, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Li, Ho Man. Efficient Dynamic Analysisof Data Races, 2010-2011, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Lu, Yiming. Combinatorial Test Cases Generator, 2010-2011, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chan, Chun Yip, and Leung, Koon Shan Kevin. Oceanus, 2009-2010, BSCCM, CityU.
  • Lam, Ka Man, and Cheung, Chun Wai. The White Hut, 2009-2010, BSCCM, CityU.
  • Chan, Hoi Chi, and Kee, Ka Yee. Artificial Creature Battle Game, 2009-2010, BSCCM, CityU.
  • Yiu, Chi Lun. Self-Serve System. Topic in Web Engineering, 2009-2010, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Hu, (Nemo) Xiaojie. BPELAnywhere: A development environment on iPhone for BPEL programs. 2009-2010, BSCCS, CityU.
  • Chiu, (King) Yuen Yau. An Easy, Quick, and Self-serve Shopping System. 2009-2010, BSCCS, CityU. [Nomination for best FYP thesis]
  • Li, (Tommy) Ka Hang, MVC JSP Tag Library with Web Services, 2008-2009, BSCS, CityU. [Nominted to represent CityU for the PRD (Hong Kong) award competition]
  • Ko, (Jacky) Siu Yeung, Mobile and Web-based E-Shopping of Electronic Products, 2008-2009, BSCS, CityU.
  • Choi, (Cheery) Lai Ming, Knowledge Management on Process Re-Engineering of Purchase Department, 2008-2009, BEELTM, CityU.
  • Kwan, (Henry) Man Chun, Web-based Information Management System for the Office of District Council Member, 2007-2008, CityU.
  • Sun, (Ken) Xiao, CRM Innovative Web Services and Applications on MS Dynamics AX, 2008-2009, CityU.
  • Lo, Ka Fai, Web-based Management System for Secondary School Teachers and Students, 2007-2008, CityU.
  • Chan, Wai Tat,  Tang, Siu Yin, Yu, Kwan Shun, Chan, Ling Chun, and Cai, Kiok Charl Lester, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Applications, 2007-2008, HKU.
  • Chan, Hilda, Chan, Ming, and Lai, Kenneth, A Generic Knowledge Management Portal for Multinationals, 2005–2006, HKU.


  • Ng, Tai For, But, Chui Yi, Lau, Chun Sing, Ho, K. M. Virtual Grave, 2009-10, CityU.
  • Chen, Lin, Lo, Man Hung, Tsang Pang, and Zhao, Xuan, Nutrition Club, 2008-2009, CityU.
  • Chan, Wing-Cheuk, Shum, Wai-Hang, Tam Chung-Fan, and Tin, Chi-Wing, Search4Eat.com, 2007-2008, CityU.
  • Lee, Man-Keung, Lee, Yik-Keung, Lim, Kai-Hin, and Tsang, Yue-Shun, Bluetooth Marketing, 2006-2007, CityU.
  • Liang, Fan, On the Robustness of Metamorphic Testing, 2006-2007, HKU.
  • Chen, Taotao, An Empirical Tradeoff Analysis of Fault Detection Capabilities of Test Case Selection Strategies for Combinatorial Testing of Software Programs, 2005-2007, HKU.
  • Chan, Chor Sze, An Empirical Study of the Nature of Faults for Web Services, 2005-2008, HKU.

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