CS3471 An Introduction to Files and Databases

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Week Date Content Lecture Tutorial

1 06-FEB-01 Purpose of Database Systems, Data Abstraction, Schemas and Instances, Data Independence, Data Models, Database Language and Database System Structure Lec 1-2
Lec 1-4
Tut 1
2 13-FEB-01 Entity, Attribute, Relationship, Roles, Design issues, Mapping constraints, Cardinality ratio, Existence dependency, Participation, Key and Weak entity set Lec 2-2
Lec 2-4
Tut 2
3 20-FEB-01 Specialization, Generalization, Design constraints, Aggregation, Reducing an E-R diagram to tables, Relational model, Keys Lec 3 Tut 3
4 27-FEB-01 Relational algebra: select, project, union, set difference, Cartesian product, rename, etc., SQL: select-from-where, rename, tuple variable, string operations, etc. Lec 4 Tut 4
5 06-MAR-01 Set operations: union, intersect, except, Aggregate functions, Group by, Having, Null values, Set membership and comparison, Test for empty relations and Joined relations Lec 5
Tut 5
6 13-MAR-01 Record deletion, insertion, updates, Views and update of view, DDL, Domain types, Integrity constraints, Domain constraints, Referential integrity and cascading actions Lec 6 Tut 6
7 20-MAR-01 Assertions, Triggers, Functional dependency, Inference rules, Closure of a set of FDs, Closure of attribute sets, Canonical cover, Relational database design, Normalization, 1NF Lec 7 Tut 7
8 27-MAR-01 Lossless-Join decomposition, Dependency preservation, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF Lec 8 Tut 8
9 03-APR-01 Storage hierarchy and buffer, File organization, Fixed-length records, Free lists, Variable-length records: byte-string representation and fixed-length representation Lec 9 Tut 9
10 10-APR-01 Sequential and clustering file organization, Ordered indices, Dense and sparse index files, Multilevel index, Index update, and Secondary indices Lec 10 Tut 10
11 17-APR-01 B+ tree index files: node structure and queries, Static hashing, Hash function, Bucket overflows & closed hashing, Hash indexes, Index definition in SQL, Multiple-key access Lec 11 Tut 11
12 24-APR-01 Transaction ACID properties, definition and states, Concurrent executions, Serializability theory, Serial schedule, Read/write schedule, Conflict analysis, Conflict equivalence Lec 12 Tut 12
14 08-MAY-01 View serializability, Other notions of serializability, Recoverability, Cascading rollback, Cascadeless schedule, Testing for serializability, Precedence graphs Lec 13


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