Research Students and Staff


Current Research Students

Dawei Liu (co-supervised with Antoni Chan)

BSc(SCUT), MSc(CityU), PhD since 2016

Xiaotian Qiao

BSc(ZJU), MSc(ZJU), PhD since 2016

Avishek Siris (co-supervised with Gary Tam)

BSc(Swansea U), PhD at Swansea University since 2018

Ke Xu

BSc(DLUT), Joint PhD Scheme (DLUT/CityU) since 2017

Xiaobin Xu (transferred to my group in Oct. 2017)

BSc(USTC), PhD since 2013

Cherry Zhao

BSc(SCUT), PhD since 2015

Quanlong Zheng (transferred to my group in August 2017)

BSc(BUAA), PhD since 2015

Xinru Zheng

BSc(SEU), MSc(SEU), PhD since 2015




Graduated/Graduating Research Students (in chronological order)

Xufang Pang - BSc(JMSU), MSc(NNU), PhD not completed yet (co-supervised with Antoni Chan)

Thesis: not known yet

Jianbo Jiao - BSc(SWJTU), MSc(Beijing U), PhD thesis submitted in June 2018

Thesis: Joint Reasoning of Synergy Representations for Image and Scene Understanding

Xiaodan Zhang - BSc(ZZU), MSc(UCAS), PhD from UCAS/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2018

Thesis: Local Semantic Learning for Image Captioning

Yibing Song - BSc(USTC), MPhil (CityU), PhD from CityU, 2018

Thesis: Data Driven Face Image Editing

Current Position: Tencent AI Lab

Jiawei Zhang - BSc(USTC), MSc(CAS), PhD from CityU, 2018

Thesis: Image Deblurring and Matting via Deep Learning

Shao Huang - BSc(Nankai U), PhD from UCAS/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2018

Thesis: The Detection of Saliency, Objectness and Actionness in Media Data

Liangqiong Qu - BSc(CSU), PhD from UCAS/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2018

Thesis: Image Illumination Modeling and Processing

Shengfeng He - BSc(MUST), MSc(MUST), PhD from CityU, 2015

Thesis: Object Appearance Modeling and Salient Object Detection for Image Understanding

Current Position: Associate Professor, South China University of Technology, China

Xiaojun Su - BSc(Jilin U), PhD from CityU, 2015

Thesis: Target Acquisition Techniques in Human Computer Interaction

Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Ying Cao - BSc(NEU), MSc(NEU), PhD from CityU, 2014 (co-supervised with Antoni Chan)

Thesis: Data-Driven Manga Layout and Composition: Models and Methods

James (Zhe) Huang - BSc(SYSU), PhD from CityU, 2014

Thesis: Assembly-based 3D Modeling using Discrete Optimization

Wenxi Liu - BSc(SZU), PhD from CityU, 2014 (co-supervised with Dinesh Manocha)

Thesis: Acquisition, Simulation and Evaluation of Crowd Motion

Current Position: Associate Professor, Fuzhou University, China

Yunhua Deng - BSc(SYSU), PhD from CityU, 2014

Thesis: Workload and Resource Management in Distributed Virtual Environments

Current Position: Huawei Technologies

Tao Yan - PhD from USTC/CityU (Joint PhD Scheme), 2013

Thesis: Stereo Image and Video Editing (received the National Award for PhD Students (博士研究生国家奖学金) 2013)

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Jiangnan University, China

Fan Yang - PhD from Durham University, 2013 (co-supervised with Frederick Li)

Thesis: Learning Path Construction in e-Learning - What to learn and How to learn?

Pengjie Wang - PhD from Zhejiang University, 2012 (co-supervised with Zhigeng Pan)

Thesis: Compression and Retrieval Algorithms in 3D Geometry Processing

Current Position: Associate Professor, Dalian Nationalities University, China

Gary Tam - BEng(HKUST), MPhil(CityU), PhD from Durham University, 2009 

Thesis: Indexing and Retrieval of 3D Articulated Geometry Models
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Swansea University, England

Beta Lam - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2008

Thesis: Martial Arts e-Learning System with Real-Time Weapon Simulation

Gurkan Koldas - Ph.D. from METU, 2008 (co-supervised with Veysi Isler)

Thesis: Efficient Visibility Estimation for Distributed Virtual Urban Environments

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

Lewis Li - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2007

Thesis: Distributed Synchronization for Collaborative Virtual Environments

Hui Xiao - BSc(Tsinghua U), MPhil from CityU, 2007

Dissertation Title: Dynamic Radiosity on Multi-resolution Models

Meng Wang - BSc(Tsinghua U), MPhil from CityU, 2006 (co-supervised with Baining Guo)

Thesis: Dynamic Shadow Generation

Edmond Ho - BSc(HKBU), MPhil from CityU, 2006 (co-supervised with Taku Komura

Thesis: Real-time Reactive Motion Synthesis
Current Position: Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University, England

Gary Cheung - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2006

Thesis: Incremental Rendering of Deformable Trimmed NURBS Surfaces

Oliver Chan - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2006

Thesis: A Collision Detection Framework for Deformable NURBS Surfaces

Ken Chan - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2005

Thesis: Dynamic Sound Rendering for Distributed Virtual Environments

Ivan Leung - BEng(HKUST), MPhil from CityU, 2005 (co-supervised with C.W. Ngo)

Thesis: Polyphonic Song Analysis and Representation for Query by Singing Systems

Ada Wan - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2005

Thesis: Modeling with Panoramic Image Network for Image-based Walkthroughs

Angus Siu - BEng(HKUST), BSc(CityU), PhD from CityU, 2004

Thesis: Modeling and Rendering of Image-based Walkthrough Environments

Gary Tam - BEng(HKUST), MPhil from CityU, 2004 (co-supervised with C.W. Ngo)

Thesis: Matching and Retrieval of 3D Deformable Models

Beatrice Ng - BSc(CityU), MPhil from CityU, 2004

Thesis: Multi-server Support for Distributed Virtual Environments

Frederick Ng - BA(PolyU), MPhil from CityU, 2003

Thesis: 3D Modeling Interface for Collaborative Virtual Sculpting

Addison Chan - BEng(HKUST), MPhil from CityU, 2002

Thesis: A Hybrid Motion Prediction Method for Caching and Prefetching in Distributed Virtual Environments

Frederick Li - BA(PolyU), MPhil(PolyU), PhD from CityU, 2001

Thesis: Handling of Deformable Objects in Virtual Reality Applications
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Durham University, U.K.

Jimmy Chim - BA(PolyU), MPhil from PolyU, 2001 (co-supervised with H.V. Leong and Antonio Si)

Thesis: Caching and Prefetching in Distributed Virtual Environments

Danny To - BA(PolyU), MPhil from CityU, 2000

Thesis: Real-Time Multi-resolution Modeling for Distributed Virtual Environments

Sam Lin - BA(PolyU), MPhil from HKU, 1999 (co-supervised with Xiaola Lin)

Thesis: Adaptive Parallel Rendering

Janis Wong

Janis Wong - BA(PolyU), MPhil from PolyU, 1999

Thesis: Virtual 3D Sculpturing

George Fung - BSc(UNSW), MPhil from PolyU, 1998 (co-supervised with James Liu)

Thesis: Signature Verification Based on Fuzzy Feature Theory and Genetic Algorithm

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.

Frederick Li - BA(PolyU), MPhil from PolyU, 1998

Thesis: Interactive Rendering of Deforming Parametric Surfaces

Kwai-Hung Chan - BSc(U Warwick), MPhil from PolyU, 1997

Thesis: Facial Image Synthesis in Suspect Identification Based on Warping and Morphing Techniques


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