High Performance Web-based 3D Collaborative Engine

In this project, we aim at developing a Web-based 3D collaborative engine. This engine is basically a set of tools to support 3D collaboration and interaction over the internet. The engine is to include some of the techniques that we have developed. In particular, it is based on on-demand content streaming. It includes methods for rendering and progressively transmitting flexible objects and for handling 3D interactions over the Internet.

First, we have developed a very efficient method for selective refinement of a 3D model for progressive transmission. This method is based on subdividing a 3D model into regions and each region is represented by a progressive mesh.

Click here for a demo video (16MB) of this method applied on a status.
To demonstrate the performance of this engine, we have also developed a first person fighting multiplayer online game, called Diminisher, on the engine.
Click here for a demo video (137MB) of the game.

Click here for a shorter demo video (~20MB) of the game. This video is cited by our VRST 2004 paper listed below.

This project is jointly funded by PCCW Business eSolutions and Hong Kong Government's Innovation and Technology Fund. Sun Microsystems has provided server-class hardware to support the development of this and future related projects. The total funding for this project is about US$660K. For more information about the project, please visit the iCT web site.


Last updated on August, 2011.