Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
City University of Hong Kong
Office: Y6638, Academic Building 1
Phone: (852) 3442 7324


    1999-2004: EEIS@USTC 2005-2007: CS@UKY (Nister, David & Yang, Ruigang) 2007-2010: ECE@UIUC (Ahuja, Narendra)
    Dr. Yang, Qing-Xiong joined City University of Hong Kong (CityU) in 2011. Dr. Yang's research interests reside in Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. His best known works are DoubleBP, SubpixDoubleBP and RealtimeBP. These works, which have gathered 1000+ citations combined, are related to 3D from stereo. Dr. Yang won the best student paper award at MMSP 2010 and best demo at CVPR 2007. He holds 5 US patents.


  1. Song, YiBing (2753, 2011-).
  2. Xu, XiaoBin (2013-).
  3. Chen, MingLiang, Leon (5756, 2013-).
  4. Zhang, JiaWei (2014-).
  5. Qu, LiangQiong (2105, 2014-).
  6. Wei, Xing (2020, 2014-).
  7. Tu, Wei-Chih (2015-).
  8. Jiao, Jianbo (2015-).
  9. Zhang, Xiaodan (2015-).
  10. He, Shengfeng (2015-).
  1. Kong, XiangFei (2012-2013).
  2. Bao, LinChao (2012-2014).
  3. Xu, JinTao (2014-2015).


    Spring 2015: CS2311: Computer Programming .


    ICCV 2013: Best Reviewer.
    MMSP 2010: Best Student Paper.
    CVPR 2007: Best Demo Prize (Videos: [0,1, 2]).

Professional Activities

    Area Chair: ACCV 2014.
    Area Chair: WACV 2014.


    Face Sketch Synthesis
    Tree Filter
    Stereo Matching Using Tree Filter (Bibtex)
    [Depth Upsampling | Cost aggregation]
    EPPM Optical Flow
    Constant Time Median Filter
    Real-Time Bilateral Filter
    Recursive Bilateral Filter
    Hardware-Efficient Bilateral Filter

Publications (Full List, Google Scholar Citation Page)

  1. Zezhou Cheng, Qingxiong Yang, and Bin Sheng, Deep Colorization, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV) 2015. [PDF]
  2. Ting Liu, Gang Wang, and Qingxiong Yang, Real-time part-based visual tracking via adaptive correlation filters, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2015. [PDF ]
  3. Shengfeng He, Rynson W.H. Lau, Wenxi Liu, Zhe Huang and Qingxiong Yang, SuperCNN: A Superpixelwise Convolutional Neural Network for Salient Object Detection, International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), 2015. [Website | PDF ]