My Research Papers

Bioinformatics/Computational Molecular Biology

Algorithms for Reticulate Networks of Multiple Phylogenetic Trees (TCBB)

A three-string approach to the closest string problem (JCSS)

Mutation Region Detection for Closely Related Individuals without a Known Pedigree (TCBB)

Algorithms for the Closest String and Substring Problems with Application to the Planted (L, d)-Motif Model (TCBB)

Computing the maximum similarity bi-clusters of gene expression data (Bioinformatics)

Genetic Design of Drug without Side-effect (SIAM.J. on Computing)

Finding similar regions in many sequences (JCSS)

On the closest sting and substring problems (JACM)

A more efficient approximation scheme for tree alignment (SIAM J. on Computing)

Haplotype inference by maximum parsimony(Bioinformatics)

Parametric alignment of ordered trees(Bioinformatics)

Greedy method for inferring tandem duplication history (Bioinformatics)

Improved Approximation Algorithms for Tree Alignment

Approximation Algorithms for Tree Alignment with a Given Phylogeny

Networks/Steiner trees

Relay sensor placement in wireless sensor networks (Wireless Networks)

Approximatoins for a bottlenect Steiner tree problem (Algorithmica)

On the inapproximability of disjoint paths and minimum Steiner forest with bandwidth constraints (JCSS)

Minimum k Arborescences with Bandwidth constraints (Algorithmica)

Topology Control of Ad Hoc Wireless Networks for Energy Efficiency (IEEE T. Comput.)