CS6254 Workshop II

Prepared by Lusheng Wang

April 29 is the last day for final demo.You also have to submit your final report to Me or to Mail Box 67 or 68 on or before May 6, 2003.

Week1/Week2 (What to do)

The suggested methods

Answers to Questions Asked in Week3/Week4 (Words97)

You are welcome to ask questions.

Week3/Week4 (Hints and suggestions)

Comments to the intermediate report

Week6/Week7 (Demonstration of "atomic group")

The final demo is due on Tuesday week 13. Note that the university was closed for two weeks. Thus, these two weeks will not be counted. The final report is due on Tuesday week 14. I will book a mail box and you drop it there before the deadline. (I will let you know the mail box number later.) The final report is important for your marks. Please follow the outline given on the web.

The outline of the final report