CS5253 Workshop I

SemesterB 2002-2003

Prepared by Lusheng Wang

Final demo due on April 28.

Final report is due on May 5. Please drop the report in Mail Box 65 or 66

Phase I

  MAC Protocol and Traffic Model ppt slides ALOHA tutorial XWin32 Setup Introduction of opnet SmallInternetWork

Phase II

  CSMA/CD Protocol          CSMA tutorial

Phase III (Team work, each team contains two persons)

  Analysis of CSMA/CD Channel Access Protocol (Ethernet) and Modeling of Network Traffic      Information Sheet

Important Material given in week 5/6

   Some part of program from the given example opprogram.doc

   Some hints for the IPP model opprogipp.doc

How to set distributions (week 7/8)

   Everything is here distribution.doc

Marking Scheme

   If you complete IPP model, you pass. Otherwise, you fail! You should also work on other models to get a better mark.

How to change parameters

   How to change parameters, such as on rate and arrival rate how to change.doc

Final Schedule

   A final demonstration is due on Monday week 13. The final report is due on Monday in Week 14. I will book a mail box (you will know the number in week 13), and you have to drop the report in the mail box before the deadline. You only have to show me that your program works in the final demo. The analysis should be given in the report. Thus, the report is IMPORTANT for your marks. The final report should contain (1) the Description of the program at different levels (including the code) and (2) different testing cases to show that the program is correct and (3) analysis cases to obtain some conclusions.