Research Students


A Framework for Improving the Performance of Signature-based Network Intrusion Detection Systems
MENG Yuxin (Weizhi) PhD 2013

A study of modeling an internet-based integrated learning environment for the process of comprehending common fraction operations
KONG Siu-Cheung PhD 2003

A Knowledge Framework for Dynamic Vulnerability Assessment in Information Risk Management
LIU Shuang-yan, Jenny MPhil 2007

A Study of Mobile Computer Supported Collaborative Learning on Fraction Addition
LAM Sau-yin, Momo MPhil 2007

Automatic Extraction of Learning Object Metadata (LOM) from HTML Web Pages
TANG Wai-yuen, Edison MPhil 2007

Reduction of IDS false alarms using KNN Classifier
利用KNN 分類减低入侵檢測系統的虛警率
LAW Kwok-ho, Anthony MPhil 2007

A study of Object-Oriented Information Security Management Model
FUNG, Pui-kwan, Peggy MPhil 2003