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Open Source


Bloglendar adds a calendar to Blogger. Originally from phil ringnalda, modified by myself to make it work again with new Blogger, and then made pretty with CSS by my student minghong (Firefox Only site).
Download: Bloglendar (4K)

[Brus] blog aggregator

Brus is a blog aggregating software that takes OPML and consolidates a list of recent updates. Originally, written for me by my student minghong (Firefox Only site) for CityU and then later modified by other students - Vicker Leung and Tim Shiu. Brus requires third party PHP open source DOM 2 and RSS parser (DOMIT!) to operate. You can download DOMIT! from engageinteractive or download cached version below.
Download: Brus (24K)
Download: DOMIT! 0.99 (214K)

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