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A Success Story

Many students are not fully aware how important their FYP is. Many think that it is just something you must do to graduate. The FYP is much more than just some credits you need to fulfill. It is there for a very good reason - it gives you a highly valuable opportunity to totally immerse yourself into something that you are truly interested in and become an expert in a particular topic in Computer Science. If you do well, it can very well offer opportunities you might have never dreamt of.

I'll use a recent FYP success story as an example. Francis Kwong started his FYP in mid-2002. Like most of you, he was not quite sure how to go about his FYP at first, but he was determined. He asked a lot of questions and talked to all his friends. He finally decided to take on a very new and challenging technology for his FYP - Semantic Web. He started his FYP research from ground zero just like all of you. He knew nothing about Semantic Web when he started. But by end of Semester A, he had enough background knowledge of the field of Semantic Web to be able to design and create something new. He invented a new RDF for university admissions and demonstrated his knowledge with a nice simple application, which he called MyFirstUni. (You can read details of his project in his FYP report).

Because of his perseverance and hard work, he was awarded the highest mark FYP of this year and eventually a First Class Honours as well. He had put a substantial amount of time and effort into his FYP. As the old saying goes, "the more you put in the more you get out."

But it does not stop there. He submitted his FYP to the IEEHK YMS competition and won. Not only did he win, he won in the postgraduate category competing against Masters and PhD students!

His FYP also led to his getting accepted by the University of Manchester. Instead of getting into a Masters program, he was admitted directly to a Ph.D. program. What's more, he won 2 scholarships totally around HK$250,000 per year renewable till he finish his Ph.D.

Why did the University of Manchester accepted him directly into a Ph.D. program with full scholarship? Because of his research potential, which he demonstrated with his FYP!

Francis' story is not unique. Besides Francis, this year I have another student, Anita Wang, who will be going to UPenn (a leading university in USA). Last year, a student of mine when to USC. A couple of years ago, I had a CityU student who went to Oxford.

The sky is the limit. It is up to you how much you want to achieve. Good luck on your FYP and have fun!

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