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How to Get an A!

The FYP should be an opportunity for you to perform independent study and learn new technologies on your own. Therefore, we tend to give higher grades to those projects that involve research and new technologies. Just spending a lot of time on mundane programming is not a good project. Therefore, sufficient research content is an important part of FYP and the result of this research should be documented in your FYP report.

Get Published

In the past, some students have even managed to submit a refereed conference paper and get it accepted before the FYP Presentation deadline. Chances are extremely high that these projects will get an A. Take for example:

Click here to see some of the papers my FYP students published before!

Get Awards

Besides, submitting conference papers, some students have also joined open competitions. In addition, you can also submit your FYP to the yearly professional society competitions, such as those organized by IEEE, HKIE, IEEHK, etc.

The individual departments might also organize FYP competitions as well. Winners of those competition will surely deserve an A.

Click here to see some of the awards my students received before!

Work Hard and Have Fun!

The key formulae for FYP success is that you must have sincerely put effort into learning and studying and then be able to prove what you have learned through a workable implementation. Usually innovative ideas with new technologies will get higher grades.

Good Luck!

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