CS 3103

Operating Systems

Semester B 01-02 



Raymond H.S. Wong

Rm: Y6412 Tel: 2788-8624

E-mail: cshswong@cityu.edu.hk


Victor C.S. Lee

Rm: B6415 Tel: 2788-8617

E-mail: csvlee@cityu.edu.hk

Lecture Hours

        4:30 - 6:20pm Monday LT-4

Tutorial Hours

        3:30 - 4:20pm Monday B5615 (T05)

        9:30 - 10:20am Wednesday Y5-402 (T02)

        11:30 - 12:20pm Wednesday G5503 (T01)

        1:30 - 2:20pm Friday B5615 (T04)

        4:30 - 5:20pm Friday Y5-412 (T03)


        Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, Operating System Concepts, John Wiley & Sons, Sixth Edition, 2002.


       W. Stallings, Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles, Prentice Hall, Fourth Edition, 2001.

       A. Tanenbaum, Modern Operating Systems. Prentice Hall, Second Edition, 2001.


    Coursework 40%

    Final Exam 60%

Quiz NEW

Date and Time: 25 Mar (Week 10), 4:30-5:30pm

Venue: LT-2

Format: 4 Questions

Topics to be examined: Ch 1(Introduction) to Ch 8 (Deadlocks)

Quiz Results


Lecture Notes

Introduction ppt slides

Computer System Structures ppt slides

Operating System Structures ppt slides

Processes ppt slides

Threads ppt slides

CPU Scheduling ppt slides

Process Synchronization ppt slides (part 1) ppt slides (part 2)

Deadlocks ppt slides

Memory Management ppt slides

Virtual Memory ppt slides

File System ppt slides

I/O Systems ppt slides

Mass-Storage Structure ppt slides

Security ppt slides


        Tutorial 1

        Tutorial 2

        Tutorial 3

        Tutorial 4a Tutorial 4b

        Tutorial 5

        Tutorial 6

        Tutorial 7

        Tutorial 8

        Tutorial 9

        Tutorial 10

        Tutorial 11

        Tutorial 12

        Tutorial 13


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