Supplementary Materials - Useful Tips and Notes
for CS2310 Lecture01-02, Lab01-02


1. Some well known sites:
    - (C++ Standard Library)

2. Books:
    - See Lecture notes for week 1

Reminder: Your primary resource should be our course materials: notes and exercises

Visual Studio

For Grade A Students: Good Programming Styles !!

For Curious and A++ Students:

Why cout << fixed << setprecision(5) << 123.456789  and cout << setprecision(5) << 123.456789  are different? Answer: here

Data Type Ranges (Visual C++ Language Reference):

"Why do some values (like 0.7, 0.99999, 0.00001 etc.) behave strangely in computer programs?"

Why double is called "double"? What is a "floating point number"? Answer: here

For how the computer handles -ve numbers, read this document Signed number representations - Two's complement

Order of Evaluation - Precedence and Associativity :

= vs == :
       What will the following do?

x = 9;
if (x=12) {
    cout << "It is twelve\n;

       Answer: here

Change the setting of the Console (resize, scrollable, coloring)

    (1) Resize the console window (to hold wide program output), scrollable
    (2) Set the color of the console window (to save printer toner if printed)

    Read the procedure here !!