26 Messages - Sharing and Supports

from CS Senior students to Year-1 students

[December 2010]


In December 2010, we sent out emails to year-2 and year-3 CS students and
invited them to write sharing messages to encourage the year-1 students. 
We are so proud and touched by their friendly and sincere responses. 
Though they were busy in their placement jobs and / or preparation of their exams,
we could still collect 26 messages and deliver to the year-1 students before Christmas! 
What a warm and delightful Christmas gift to all of us. 
We wish that this encouraging sharing activity be extended in different ways among CS. 

-- Dr. Helena Wong and Dr. Sam Ng (21/12/2010)



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From Year 3 (Arts-background and were new to computer science)

(1) [Kennis, Yr-3] It was definitely hard .. now a high GPA student and work in Thomson Reuters (路透社).

(2) [Jonas, Yr-3]  .. now in Housing Dept for placement. I put CS in JUPAS as a "water bubble".

(3) [SIT Leung Man Danny, Yr-3]  Previously I hated all CS courses, I failed CS2331 ..

(4) [LAM Hung, Yr-3] .. I felt shocked as my classmates could finish C++ programs so quickly.

(5) [WONG Ni Na, Yr-3] I was worried after I enrolled in this programme.

(6) [Dicky Lee, Yr-3]   I definitely hated programming.  However, I am now a year three student..

(7) [Flora, Yr-3] In路透社, I use VBA and C# easily because I already knew the techniques from CS2331 and CS2332.  (after you have learnt C++, you will find that other languages are really similar)

(8) [MOK Ching Man, Yr-3] I am from Arts and have put in a lot of effort .. but CS is a right choice. Enjoy!

(9) [Raul, Yr-3] Hi, I am working in HK Jockey Club headquarter for placement. ..


From Year 2 (Arts-background and were new to computer science)

(10) [CHONG Shuk Kwan, Yr-2] I thought C++ was a terrible disaster. .. feel confident. Add oil. Don’t give up.

(11) [LO Yuk Wa, Yr-2] Hi, if you are new to programming, don't worry. A year ago, ..

(12) [Reeve, Yr-2]  .. 我咁鍾意玩都做到~你地冇理由做唔到啦! 加油呀,2332好有用架!

(13) [Leung Ho Lam, Yr-2] 我係文科生 ..希望各位同學可以係呢科入面找到你既興趣,唔好浪費呢個得來不易既學位~

(14) [Angus, Yr-2].. frustrated? You can get over your AL, how come you can't overcome this challenge!!??

(15) [KWOK Wai Hung, Yr-2] Don’t be afraid of programming. 

(16) [Lee Tsz Kwan, Yr-2] I can catch up and have a sense of satisfaction… no worry if you work hard.

(17) [Phoena, Yr-2] The happiest moment is to find the bugs. .. no pain, no gain..

(18) [LU Ruoshui, Yr-2] Not good at programming is not the end of the world.


From other senior students

"We enjoy our studies in CS.  We wish you can also get along well and be successful in this programme.  Add oil!"

(19) [REX, Yr-2] Transferring out? Please consider it seriously. I was a marketing ...

(20) [MU Zongxu, Mike, Yr-2]  You will find your degree in Computer Science precious because ..

(21) [Bernard, Yr-2] 讀得開心d,享受大學生活!

(22) [Wilson, Yr-3] Yet when I look back at year 2, I find it really easy.

(23) [NG Weng Keong, Yr-2] CS 科目不只是全部著重 programming, 因為我在year2, 我只寫了一份 關於 programming assignment.

(24) [HO Kim Yan, Yr-2] 我修讀CS2331時並不吃力。我覺得抱著害怕的心態去面對的話,只會感到混亂,越混亂會覺得越難做,所以我常常叫自己以冷靜的心情去做練習。

(25) [Liu Cheuk Lun, Yr-2] Learn from mistakes we made. If you think CS2331 too difficult, ..

(26) [Ken, Yr-2] If you think computer science is useless, you are wrong!! ..


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