1, Automatic Construction of ToC

The E-Book catalogue plays the most important part of this research, a comprehensive Table-of-Contents(ToC) determines the basic quality of our E-Book's result books.

2, Domain based Topic Evolution

As the online web's dynamic environment, together with the rapid development of knowledge, to mine the topic evoluation in domain knowledge is a very interesting topic. The topics in every domain are not static, especially along with the development of internet and the flourish online research communities that accelerate the updating. Everyday, there are many new ideas get evolved, some of which inspire the online community and develop to be very hot topics followed by large number of researchers. Traditional books would no longer be able to response to such dymanic environment. By compiling the online resource in a real-time updating mode, it makes E-Book capable of keeping track of the evolution of domain knowledge which helps web learners better understanding the current development of knowledge topics.

3, Document clustering

Document clustering is a traditional technique which helps structure documents into categories for better understanding. In the E-Book environment, we want to cluster the updating online documents into our initially generated ToC, while at the same time, this clustering may also induce new topic and re-organize the ToC structure.

4, Evaluation of webpage's quality for web-learning purpose

Among abundant online web resource, we want to set up a web-learning oriented quality evaluation rule to select the most usefull learning resource for web learners. Besides considering the main three characteristics: "Self-contained","Descriptive" and "Authoritative", different learners at different learning steps and depths should get different E-Books, such personalized E-Book's construction is also a very interesting topic.

5, Active E-Book Revision

As the incremental online learning resource gets clustered into the E-Book, the structure of E-Book itself should also be able to update semi-automatically based on a given E-Book catalogue (ToC) as the input, through applying the above-mentioned techniques in a hybrid way.