1. Advanced Topics in Convex Optimization and its Applications (CS8292), Project Ref: Extremely short Matlab Linear Program Solvers.
2. Computer Organization (CS2115)
3. Advanced Programming (CS3391)
4. Mobile Computing (CS4284, CS5284)
5. Network Inference for Cyber-Security in Online Social Networks, tutorials given at international venues such as 2016 IEEE ICASSP, 2017 IEEE/ACM ASONAM, 2018 INFORMS Conference.
6. Convex Optimization, Australian Research Council Spring School in Adelaide, 2009

Educational Outreach & Academic Exchange

In 2015, we organized a two-day HongKong-Taiwan Joint Workshop on Information Theory and Communications for researchers to share their research findings on information theory and build collaborations and friendships with generous support from The Croucher Foundation. In 2016, we organized the Claude Shannon Centenary in Hong Kong 2016 to celebrate the legacy of Claude Shannon who founded information theory, computer chess game,..., see IEEE Information Theory Society Newsletter.

University Outreach STEM Activities

  • imageimageI've organized numerous STEM outreach workshops such as MIT Scratch Day at Singapore International School (Hong Kong), College Science and Engineering Fun Days in 2014, College Discovery and Innovation Gala in 2016 and 2017 for territory-wide Hong Kong secondary school students.

Intel Cup Undergraduate Competition

  • imageimageI coach undergraduate students to participate in an international Intel competition, biannually organized by Intel Inc. and the Chinese Ministry of Education in Shanghai. Our undergraduate teams have won the Third Prize in 2014 and won the Second Prize in 2016 for their creative applications on Intel embedded systems!

Computer Science Challenge (http://cschallenge.io)

I organize the Computer Science Challenge annually for middle school students with generous donations from industry such as Google and ASTRI. The Computer Science Challenge stimulates students' interests in computer science and mathematics through game tournaments. ASTRI has a News Release for CS Challenge 2017!