1. Artificial Intelligence (CS2340)
2. Data Structures (CS3334) | Introduction | Lec 1 (Complexity) | Lec 2 (Recursion-Binary Search) | Lec 3 (Linked List-Stack-Queue) | Lec 4 (Bubble-Insertion-Sort) | Lec 5 (Divide-Conquer-Merge-Sort) | Lec 6 (Quick Sort) | Lec 7 (Heap-Radix-Sort) | Lec 8 (Hash Map) | Lec 9 (Binary Search Tree) | Lec 10 (AVL Tree-Stern Brocot Tree) | Lec 11 (Permutation-Disjoint-Set-Kruskal-Algorithm) | Lec 12 Revision
3. Topics in Optimization and its Applications in Computer Science (CS8292), Project Ref: Extremely short Matlab Linear Program Solvers.
4. Computer Organization (CS2115)

Educational Outreach

  • I organize the Computer Science Challenge annually for high school students with generous donations from industry such as Google and ASTRI. The Computer Science Challenge stimulates students' interests in computer science and mathematics through eSports-type game tournaments. Read more in Media reports at SingTao Daily and ASTRI News!

University Outreach STEM Activities

  • imageimageI've organized numerous STEM outreach workshops such as MIT Scratch Day at Singapore International School (Hong Kong), Google Computer Science Education Workshops, Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education Programmes for Hong Kong secondary school students and teachers.

Competitive Programming for College and High-School Students

  • imageimageI coach undergraduate students to participate in international CS competitions. Our undergraduate teams have consistently won top prizes, Second Prize in 2018 and 2016, and Third Prize in 2014 for their creative applications in the Intel Cup Undergraduate competitions!