Ph.D. student and Postdoc Openings:

(1) Graph analytics for cyberspace intelligence using graph theory and graph algorithms, and statistics
(2) Technologies in Artificial Intelligence for Large-scale Learning
(3) Scientific Machine Learning and Large-scale Computing
Candidates are expected to be proficient in mathematics (e.g., discrete math like graph theory, linear algebra) and have good software programming experience. Please email at cheewtan @ with CV and transcripts.

Graph Analytics

Python and MapReduce source code for Parallel Counting of Triangles in Large Graphs: Pruning and Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms, MIT-Amazon Graph Challenge in IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing 2018 [ Github source archive ]

Performance/Cost Virtualization Software for Scalable Computing

MapReduce/Hadoop source code for scalable-computing paradigm in ACM SIGCOMM 2015 and ACM SIGMETRICS 2016 [ Github source archive ]

Information Theory Inequality Prover (Software-as-a-Service to Prove Theorems)

Collaboration with PhD student Alex Ling, Siu-Wai Ho and Raymond Yeung. Cloud computing software forthcoming in Fall 2018

Online Social Networks

Dataset for Quantifying Political Leaning from Tweets and Retweets, ICWSM [ Twitter dataset ]

Wireless Network Optimization

An overview survey is available in Wireless Network Optimization by Perron-Frobenius Theory.

Modeling Perron-Frobenius Eigenvalue by CVX Optimization Software:
[ Appendix A of Book ]
Max-min SINR Optimization in Wireless Network:
[ 2009 INFOCOM/ 2013 ToN Nonlinear Perron-Frobenius Theory Based Algorithm Matlab Code ]
Reliability Fairness Optimization under Stochastic Fading:
[ 2011 INFOCOM/ 2015 ToN Nonlinear Perron-Frobenius Theory Based Algorithm Matlab Code ]
Sum Rate Maximization in Wireless Network:
[ 2011 JSAC Outer Approximation Global Optimization Algorithm Matlab Code ]
[ 2013 JSAC Convex Relaxation and Global Optimization Algorithm Matlab Code ]