Time Schedule

19th January, 2015
Time   Title/Event Speaker Talk Information
8:30-9:00am     Registration & Opening
9:00-9:45am     IT Society Distinguished Lecture (Keynote): Real World Network Coding Tracey Ho, California Institute of Technology
9:45-10:30am Group Testing – A Tool of Protecting Network Security Hung-Lin Fu, National Chiao Tung University
10:30-11:00am    Coffee Break/Poster Session
11:00-11:30am Harnessing Interaction in Bursty Interference Networks I-Hsiang Wang, National Taiwan University
11:30-12:15pm    An Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Crowdsourcing System Vincent Wong, University of British Columbia
12:15-12:30pm     Open Discussions cum Photo-Taking
12:30pm-2:00pm    Lunch (9th Floor CMC Building)
2:00-2:30pm Reliable and Deniable Communication under Channel Uncertainty Mayank Bakshi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
2:30-3:00pm     Opportunistic Detection Rules Wenyi Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China
3:00-3:30pm Downlink CoMP in HetNets with Imperfect Overhead Messaging: Adaptation and Robustness Chun-Hung Liu, National Chiao Tung University
3:30-4:00pm     Whose Opinion to Follow in Social Learning? Wee Peng Tay, Nanyang Technological University
4:00-4:30pm    Coffee Break/Poster Session
4:30-5:00pm     Source Coding with Side Information for EPS Systems Siu-Wai Ho, The University of South Australia
5:00-5:30pm     Capacity Regions for Families of Continuous-Time Gaussian Channels Guangyue Han, University of Hong Kong
5:30-6:00pm     Reliable and secure communication over multi-path networks: A "complete" characterization Sidharth Jaggi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
6:00-9:00pm    Banquet (Restaurant at Festival Walk)
20th January, 2015
Time Title Speaker Talk Information
8:30-9:15am BackLog Based Random Access in Wireless Networks : (In)Stability Issues and Fluid Limits Phil Whiting, Macquarie University
9:15-10:00am     Cut-Set Bounds for Networks with Zero-Delay Nodes Raymond Yeung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
10:00-10:30am    On Bursty Multi-Pair Two-Way Relay Channels Shih-Chun Lin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
10:30-11:00am     Coffee Break/Poster Session
11:00-11:45am Capacity and Scheduling in Small Cell Networks Stephen Hanly, Macquarie University
11:45-12:15pm    A construction of sector-disk codes for RAID systems Kenneth Shum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
12:15-5:00pm     Open Discussions
2:00-5:00pm     Student Forum on Problems in IT & Comms (CS Seminar Room Y6405 AC1 Building)

Student Poster

Title Presenter
A Simplified 3D Fading Channels Adopted in MIMO Beamforming Schemes Joy Iong-Zong Chen, Dayeh University
On Error Exponents for Lossless Streaming Compression of Correlated Sources Lin Zhou, National University of Singapore
Two-Phase Priority-First Search Decoding Algorithm for Tail-Biting Convolutional Codes Ting-Yi Wu, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Strong Converse Theorems for Classes of Multimessage Multicast Networks: A Renyi Divergence Approach Silas L. Fong, National University of Singapore
    Disproving Information Inequalities by Linear Programming Shan Lin, City University of Hong Kong
SUPER: Sparse Signals with Unknown Phases Efficiently Recovered Sheng Cai, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Joint Admission Control and Power Control with SINR Constraints in Cloud Radio Access Networks Xiangping Zhai, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    New Constrained Information Inequalities and Possible Applications Tarik Kaced, The Chinese University of Hong Kong