APAQS 2001
Second Asia-Pacific Conference on Quality Software
Final Program
New World Renaissance Hotel, Hong Kong
10-11 December 2001
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Session Schedule
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Day 1: 10 December 2001 (Monday) Day 2: 11 December 2001 (Tuesday)

Day 1: 10 December 2001 (Monday)
8:00 Registration
8:30 Opening Session
  • Welcome Address from the General Chair
N. Lee, Executive Director, Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong
  • Program Overview
Y.T. Yu and T.Y. Chen, Program Co-Chairs
  • Keynote Address I:   New Perspectives in Software Engineering --- Observations, Obstacles and Opportunities
C.V. Ramamoorthy, University of California at Berkeley, USA
10:30 Parallel Sessions 1
Session 1A: Program Analysis I
Session Chair: H.F. Leung
  • Analysis and Implementation Method of Program to Detect Inappropriate Information Leak
R. Yokomori, F. Ohata, Y. Takata, H. Seki, and K. Inoue
  • Computing Executable Slices for Concurrent Logic Programs
J. Zhao, J. Cheng, and K. Ushijima
  • Exception Analysis for Multithreaded Java Programs
S. Ryu and K. Yi
Session 1B: Software Reliability
Session Chair: Kai-Yuan Cai
  • An Analysis of Software Correctness Prediction Methods
P. Kokol, V. Podgorelec, M. Zorman, M. Šprogar, and M. Pighin
  • A Fast Algorithm to Compute Maximum Likelihood Estimates for the Hypergeometric Software Reliability Model
F. Padberg
  • An Ordinal-Time Reliability Model Applied to "Big-Bang" Suite-Based Testing
N. Davidson
Session 1C: Software Quality
Session Chair: John Jenkins
  • Incremental Quality Network
S. Coronado and J. Jaén
  • Strategic Drivers of Software Quality: Beyond External and Internal Software Quality
R. Fitzpatrick
  • Using a Coding Standard to Improve Program Quality
X. Fang
14:00 Parallel Sessions 2
Session 2A: Program Analysis II
Session Chair: P.K. Wong
  • Object-Oriented Program Behavior Analysis Based on Control Patterns
C.-C. Hwang, S.-K. Huang, D.-J. Chen, and D. Chen
  • A Path-Based Approach to the Detection of Infinite Looping
J. Zhang
Session 2B: Quality Metrics
Session Chair: T.Y. Chen
  • Assurance of Conceptual Data Model Quality Based on Early Measures
M. Genero, M. Piattini, and C. Calero
  • The Use of Software Quality Metrics in the Materiel Release Process — Experience Report
M. Saboe
Session 2C: Software Development I
Session Chair: K. Kishida
  • Why Software Engineering is Riskier than Ever
A. Fuller, P. Croll, and O. Garcia
  • On Prediction of Cost and Duration for Risky Software Projects Based on Risk Questionnaire
O. Mizuno, T. Adachi, T. Kikuno, and Y. Takagi
15:30 Parallel Sessions 3
Session 3A: Formal Methods I
Session Chair: T.Y. Cheung
  • Partial Validation of a Design Specification with Respect to Requirements
C. Besse, A. Cavalli, and F. Khendek
  • Constructing Hardware/Software Interface Using Protocol Converters
S. Qin, Z. Qiu, and J. He
  • Class and Module in SOFL
S. Liu and J. Dong
Session 3B: Testing I
Session Chair: M.F. Lau
  • Optimal Test Profile in the Context of Software Cybernetics
K.-Y. Cai
  • Testable Use Cases in the Abstract State Machine Language
W. Grieskamp, M. Lepper, W. Schulte, and N. Tillmann
  • Experience Report on Conformance Tests for CORBA ORBs
M. Li, A. Rennoch, I. Schieferdecker, D. Witaszek, O. Halabi,

A. Vouffou, and A. Yin

Session 3C: Software Development II
Session Chair: Y.K. Leung
  • Railway Power SCADA System Commissioning "Case Example"
I. Hampton and K. Lam
  • Stakeholder Discovery and Classification Based on Systems Science Principles
O. Preiss and A. Wegmann
  • Quality & People in the Development of Situationally Specific Methods
S. Young, S. McDonald, H. Edwards, and J. Thompson
  • A Risk-Driven Design Model for Embedded System
Y. Dong and M. Li
18:30 Conference Banquet
Day 2: 11 December 2001 (Tuesday)
9:00 Keynote Session
Session Chair: T.H. Tse
  • Keynote Address II:   End-to-End Integration Testing
Raymond Paul, Department of Defense, Washington, DC, USA
10:30 Parallel Sessions 4
Session 4A: Formal Methods II
Session Chair: Jin Song Dong
  • Incremental Fault-Tolerant Design in an Object-Oriented Setting
E. Johnsen, O. Owe, E. Munthe-Kaas, and J. Vain
  • PAFAS at Work: Comparing the Worst-Case Efficiency of Three Buffer Implementations
F. Corradini, M. Di Berardini, and W. Vogler
  • DLOTOS: A LOTOS Extension for Clock Synchronization in Distributed Systems
W. Hassan
Session 4B: Testing II
Session Chair: Pak-Lok Poon
  • Combining the Animation and Testing of Abstract Data Types
T. Miller and P. Strooper
  • A Selective Software Testing Method Based on Priorities Assigned to Functional Modules
M. Hirayama, T. Yamamoto, J. Okayasu, O. Mizuno, and T. Kikuno
  • URL-Driven Automated Testing
R. Wen
Session 4C: Process Models and Tools
Session Chair: Ho-Won Jung
  • A Tailored Capability Model for Inspection Process Improvement
I. Tervonen, J. Iisakka, and L. Harjumaa
  • A Path to Virtual Software Inspection
L. Harjumaa, H. Hedberg, and I. Tervonen
  • A Software Factory Model Based on ISO9000 and CMM for Chinese Small Organizations
C. Li, H. Li, and M. Li
14:00 Parallel Sessions 5
Session 5A: Requirements Engineering
Session Chair: S.-C. Cheung
  • Requirements Management for the Incremental Development Model
Q. Wang and X. Lai
  • A New Tool to Analyze ER-Schemas
F. Boufares and N. Kraïem
Session 5B: Usability
Session Chair: F.T. Chan
  • QUIM: A Framework for Quantifying Usability Metrics in Software Quality Models
A. Seffah, N. Kececi, and M. Donyaee
  • Comparison of Chinese and Japanese in Designing B2C Web Pages Toward Impressional Usability
J. Hu, J. Zhao, K. Shima, Y. Takemura, and K.-I. Matsumoto
Session 5C: Process Improvement and Assessment
Session Chair: Barrie Thompson
  • Special Requirements for Software Process Improvement Applied in Teleworking Environments
H. Guo
  • Analysis of Interrater Agreement in ISO/IEC 15504-Based Software Process Assessment
H.-Y. Lee, H.-W. Jung, C.-S. Chung, J. Lee, K. Lee, and H. Jeong
  • Priorities of Process Improvement Outcomes Based on Process Capability Levels
T. Varkoi, M. Lepasaar, and H. Jaakkola
15:30 Parallel Sessions 6
Session 6A: Formal Verification
Session Chair: Paul Strooper
  • Formally Modeling and Verifying Ricart&Agrawala Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm
K. Ogata and K. Futatsugi
  • Towards a Verification of the Rule-Based Expert System of the IBM SA for OS/390 Automation Manager
C. Sinz, W. Küchlin, and T. Lumpp
  • Towards Automatic Verification of Embedded Control Software
N. Bauer and R. Huuck
Session 6B: E-commerce
Session Chair: Lucas C.K. Hui
  • On the Modelling of Document Exchange Processes in E-Commerce Protocols
X. Wang, S.-C. Cheung, and J. Wei
  • Beyond E-commerce Software Quality: Web Services Effectiveness
H.-S. Chiu and C. Yang
  • A Specific Software Development Process for an Electronic Commerce Portal
V. Gruhn, L. Schöpe, and M. Book
Session 6C: Configuration Management
Session Chair: S.L. Hung
  • A Software Product Model Emphasizing Relationships
S.-C. Chou and C.-W. Huang
  • Complex Systems Development Requirements — PDM and SCM Integration
I. Crnkovic, A. Dahlkvist, and D. Svensson
  • Use of Binary File Comparison Tools in Software Release Management
V. Fanberg

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