Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Advances in pervasive communication and the proliferation of mobile computing devices have ushered in a new era for mobile computing. The fundamental principles that guide mobile and pervasive computing environment design evolved with distributed systems, wireless networks, local area networks, middleware, wide-area networks and the WWW. A key requirement of mobile and pervasive computing will be the ability to access critical service and data anytime anywhere regardless of location, which implies interdependence between the elements of a mobile and pervasive computing system. Mobile and pervasive computing systems require wireless networking and infrastructure network support. Moreover, they use mobile/ pervasive devices, sensors and actuators, increasingly provide communications capability. Our mobile and pervasive computing group is engaged in advancing these technologies, both in research and applications, with projects covering wireless networks, mobile communication protocols with support of QoS control for real-time multimedia transmissions across WLAN, WMAN and wireless mesh, 3G/ B3G communications, ubiquitous and embedded devices and applications including e-learning, services oriented data accessing, sensors and actuators data communications. Members of the group publish regularly in renowned journals (e. g., IEEE TPDS, MC and TC) and present papers at top international conferences ( e.g., ICDCS, Infocom, ICC, and Globecom).