Applied Research

The Department of Computer Science has been a leading provider of software and IT-related applied R&D services to industries in Hong Kong as well as in the Asia-Pacific region. This website highlights some of our recent projects. Besides those projects, we have been active in the following application areas:

Some of our projects are highlighted below:

Understanding Crowded Environments from Video

Contact: Dr Antoni Chan

The project is to understand crowd behaviors over a large area (e.g. a school campus) using video cameras. Applications include security, anomalous event detection, resource and facilities management, and urban planning.

AI Knowledge Management, Data Mining and Staff Rostering and Scheduling

Contact: Dr Andy Chun

Dr Chun has acted as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) consultant to MTR, providing optimization technology to ensure railway lines are well maintained. He is also a consultant to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), assisting them in the use of advanced text-mining and information retrieval technology to create an intelligent search engine.

Interactive Sensory Program for Affective Learning (InSPAL)

Contact: Prof Horace Ip

The project aims to create a suite of interactive learning scenarios through integration of interactive media and virtual reality technology with art therapy and teaching techniques to help severely intellectually disabled (SID) students’ pre-learning abilities.

Online Electronic Book Compilation System

Contact: Prof Qing Li

This system is to filter and search webpage information according to users’ requirements and present the information systematically in the form of an e-book catalogue

Biometric and Smartcard Based Authentication Systems

Contact: Dr Duncan Wong

The project is to design multi-factor multi-application biometric and smartcard based authentication systems and conduct research on biometric authentication technologies.