(applicable to 2010 intake and thereafter)


The Master of Science in Computer Science (MScCS) Programme enables professionals to upgrade their technical capabilities in the area of computer networks and the Internet, information security, software engineering, data sciences, and multimedia, mobile and e-commerce technologies. In addition, the credit unit system at the City University of Hong Kong enables flexibility and specialization.

To be awarded the MSc in Computer Science degree, a student must acquire a minimum of 30 credits (of which up to 3 courses can be credit transferred based on the student's previous study), in which 12 credits come from the required courses and 18 credits from the elective courses. The MScCS programme can be completed in one calendar year (three semesters) in the full-time mode, or two calendar years in the part-time mode.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGDCS) is an intermediate award which a student may obtain after the completion of 24 credits (including all required courses) with satisfactory results if the student decides not to continue with the MScCS Programme.

Last Updated : 19 SEP 2014