Admissions (for HKDSE students)


Major Structure

This major has a four-year structure. Following a first year in which students acquire general education as well as fundamental computer science knowledge, students will focus on the core courses in computer science during an intensive second year of studies which include a summer term. With satisfactory attainment, students will join the Information Technology Professional Placement to work in companies joining our placement programme for a year in related fields to gain real work experience. During the placement year, students will take one day off weekly from their work to complete a number of elective courses. In their final year of study, among other electives, students take up a year-long project in which they work independently under the supervision of a faculty member.

Entrance Requirements

After admitted to the College of Science and Engineering (Engineering) (JUPAS code: JS1021), students may choose B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science programme as their 'majors' following the first year of study. For admission to the College of Science and Engineering (Engineering), applicants

  • must meet the City University General Entrance Requirements, and
  • are advised to study one or more of the following HKDSE subjects:
    • Biology,
    • Chemistry,
    • Physics,
    • Mathematics (Extended Module 1 or 2),
    • Science (Integrated or Combined),
    • Business,
    • Accounting and Financial Studies,
    • Design and Applied Technology,
    • Information and Communication Technology.

Tuition Fee Information

Local Students

Academic Year Tuition Fee
2013/14 HK$42,100 per annum

The tuition fee is subject to annual review. If there are changes to the tuition fee set by the HKSAR Government for 2013/14 or subsequent years, the tuition fee may be adjusted.